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Instrument Kits

IBSI USA kit version 1We are working hard to overcome the status quo of implant dentistry. Sometimes advancements are so dramatic that they appear magical.  We have made these kinds of advancements.

Introducing the IBSI Magic Instrument Kits.







Surgical Kit –

InnoBioSurg serves markets around the globe and produces instrumentation kits designed for the global market. Most international dentists prefer stainless steel kits. In January 2016 when we began providing the stainless kits to the U.S. we discovered a strong preference for plastic kits. In February 2016 we finalized a new design. In March 2016 the new kits were delivered in time for our hands-on training course. We love this story because it illustrates our speed and agility in manufacturing and it speaks to our commitment to respond to our dentists requests. Read the whole kit story on our blog linked here.

This opened the door of opportunity to design a new version of the kit from the ground up. In February redesigned the kit and incorporated our surgical placement protocols into the layout. Step 1- Location, Step 2- Angle & Depth, Step 3- Widen the site, Step 4- Place the implant, Step 5- Cover and restore.IBSI Kit flow 0



Available in two formats USA formed plastic and International Stainless Steel.

U.S. Version 1.0


Design artwork and finished kit: lapsed time 6 weeks!

Design artwork and finished kit: lapsed time 6 weeks!

International Stainless Steel

IBSI Internatinal Kit 0


Sinus Lift Kit –

Ask about the story of patented designs and years of development

IBSI Sinus & Expansion Kit 0


Bone Bending and Expansion Kit

[image of kit is forthcoming]


Restorative Kit

[image of kit is forthcoming]


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