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IBSI implants random 0We are working hard to overcome the status quo of implant dentistry. Sometimes advances are so dramatic they seem like magic. We have made just such advancements in implant design.

Introducing Magic FC & N.R. Fix Implants.







Magic FC

Magic FCThe MAGIC FC Features the Latest Advances in Implant Design.


  • Conical Connection reduces biological leakages and micro-movements and internal hex.
  • Platform Switching diameters 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5 all use the same connections.
  • Lengths: 7, 9, 11, 13
  • Thread is engineered (thickness and pitch) to match the elasticity of the bone. The thread flexes and the bone bends! No bone micro-fractures, less bone remodeling, less bone recovery and faster healing time.  This achievement results in unprecedented initial stability with no rebound loosening after placement. 90% Bone + 10% Titanium + Pitch/Spacing = Dramatically different clinical experience.
  • Blasted and light treated surfacing

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The New Formula for Implant Success:   90% bone + 10% Titanium = The Magic “Fin” Thread 

Engineered for bone friendly performance: 90% Bone 10% Titanium is the new formula for unprecedented implant performance. The fin is designed to flex with the same elasticity of the adjoining bone. This engineering principle of matching elasticity, reduces the bone trauma and micro-fractures. The Fin thread introduces a new standard for initial stability and post operative healing.


IBSI Fin Threads compared 0

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Platform Switching & Large Selection of Abutments

Since the same connection is used for all implants and all restorative parts, there is tremendous restorative flexibility. The full compliment of standard abutment types and sizes offer many standard abutment options (length, cuff height & diameter).

IBSI Restorative Platform Switching 0

* N.R. Fix have 3.8mm platform

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Internal Connection is Conical with a Hex Base

We took the best performing connection and engineered it to safely support all our abutment sizes by using Grade 5 Titanium. Now proven design performance meets extra strength and delivers a huge variety of fixtures for each implant.IBSI Implant interior 4 callouts 0


PAT Surfacing

The unique surfacing is achieved using P-photo, A-activated, T-Treatment which helps to form a crystal structure of TiO2. This provides for better photofunctionalization*.  The process occurs during the blast processing of the implant’s surface using calcium phosphate and PAT treatment.  *Ultraviolet Photofunctionalization of Titanium implants 2012; 151-158 Takihiro Ogawa

IBSI microscopic surface view 10a

Periodic roughness tests show that optimal and uniform surface conditions are routinely achieved (Ra 1.4-1.8).


Implant Carrier – Innovation

Suspended in the air like a fine piece of jewelry and visible through a window, the implant is safely protected until use.  We think you will agree, this is the best implant carrier in the world. Single hand release with slip resistant grips are designed for wet fingers – “Brilliant” is the most common response to experiencing it.

IBS Implant Carrier 3

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