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Course Testimonials

El Dorado Hills, CA – March 9-10th, 2018

Course Speaker: Dr. Henry Pond

“I have been taking implant courses for 12 years, placing implants for 10 years, “cherry picking” the “easy ones”. I now have the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to place a better implant in cases I would have referred out. An excellent course that vastly improved my skills.” 

-Dr. M. Jackman – Vacaville, CA


“This was an in-depth course presented in a clear and concise manner. I gained knowledge and insight I hadn’t received before. Overall, I highly enjoyed the entire course and already feel confident in the innovative technology at IBS.”

-Dr. M. Yang – Oroville, CA


“IBS implant is very fun to learn and eat to use. Dr. Pond is an excellent speaker and teacher. Wonderful staffs and delicious food. Loved the hands-on course. Thank you very much!”

-Dr. D. Mar – Sacramento, CA


 El Dorado Hills, CA – February 9-10th, 2018

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg

“Awesome course, loved the sinus kit. The surgical kit is simple to use. After using several other implant systems, I truly believe this system is much simpler and easier for beginners.”

-Dr. K. Pannu – Elk Grove, CA


“This Course was amazing. This system simplifies implant placement and thoroughly educates you to lift the sinus and expand bone in narrow ridges. You will love this!”

-Dr. K. Johnson – Norfolk, NE


“This system is easy to use and comprehensive. I this it is currently the best system for implants, locators and vertical/sinus lifts.”

-Dr. C. Fammatre – Visalia, CA

IMG_0290                                              IMG_0319 IMG_0298

El Dorado Hills, CA – January 19-20th, 2018

Course Speaker: Dr. Henry Pond

“I really loved the passion and excitement of all the team! Great info to some really eye opening and outstanding implant program. It was such a pleasure to attend.”



“Great intro to this cutting-edge technology implant/sinus/bone system. I would recommend this course and implant system to anybody!”

-Dr. P. Ly – Sacramento, CA

IMG_00571 IMG_00561IMG_00931 IMG_00811IMG_00911

El Dorado Hills, CA – December 1-2nd, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Mark Iacobelli

“As the age of implants has grown so much, the excitement of doing them in the office was great for myself. But using different types and not getting much local help it became overwhelming. When IBS came about, it brought the help and mentorship with a great product and got rid of that feeling. Kudo’s!”

-Dr. F. Correa – Roseville, CA


“IBS has shaken up the implant field with bone management. I enjoyed this course immensely and can use this system immediately in my practice. Great people as well!”

-Dr. D. Berger – Sonora, CA


“This implant system is truly quantum leap in the implant and bone management. The technology is advanced, but easy to use and can be applied immediately into a general dental practice.”

-Dr. S. Salancy – Latrobe, PA


IMG_0442   IMG_0416


San Diego, CA – November 10-11th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Henry Pond


“Dr. Pond is a great speaker, very knowledgeable, supportive and personable. He inspires you to push your limit, but not to take risks. I feel comfortable now to use this system to now place implants!”

-Dr. D. Muir – San Clemente, CA


“This is an excellent course with a knowledgeable instructor. The system is appropriate to treat a wide range of conditions. I enjoyed this course greatly!”

-Dr. J. Thompson – San Diego, CA


“Great course. Informative, interesting, and practice changing. Dr. Pond is well prepared, knowledgeable and a completely engaging presenter. I will highly recommend this course and IBS Implant to any colleague. Thank you!”

-Dr. N. Salvati – San Clemente, CA

IMG_1620 IMG_1638 IMG_0302 IMG_1619 IMG_1636

Reno, NV – October 27-28th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Henry Pond


“The implant system is super simple! It has convinced me that I can place my own implants with confidence in my own office as well as perform sinus lifts with certainty. I’m very excited to offer these services to my patients.”

-Dr. M. Moyneur – Sacramento, CA


“I recommend learning more about the IBS implant system. Their courses are valuable for doctors who have never placed implants and those who have placed hundreds alike. I am excited to use what I’ve learned in my practice.”

-Dr. J. Perisho – Sacramento, CA


“Great course if you are interest in placing implants and making the procedure simple and straight forward. Takes mystery out of the sinus grafts as well!”

-Dr. M. Atencio – Reno, NV

IMG_1503 IMG_1512

 El Dorado Hills, CA – October 20-21st, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“I successfully completed the implant course with IBS and found the system extremely user friendly and easy. I am very confident going out and placing my first implant next week with the IBS system. Tons of hands-on experience. Great starter kit at an excellent price.”

-Dr. N. Cejka – Parker, CO


“This course, Dr. Berg, and IBS are fantastic. In 2 days they gave me knowledge, instruments, and confidence to begin doing implant placement and sinus argumentation. I will be sure to take advantage of their mentorship program!”

-Dr. T. Bennion- Albany, OR


“The IBS implant system and course was very thorough and informative. The new technology in implant placement, sinus bump, sinus lift, and bone grafting was exciting and inspire me even more to place implants in my practice!”

-Dr. J. Morley – Mt. Shasta, CA

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender


El Dorado Hills, CA – September 22-23rd, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Ryan Jensen


“What we learned this weekend is definitely a game changer in the world of implant dentistry. The sinus bump and lift procedure will pay for the kit in a month by keeping “past” referrals in my office.”

-Dr. R. Perez – Pleasant Hill, CA


“Thank you for the fun course! I am so glad I came and participated. I feel ready to use the IBS kit when assisting my doctor for implants and sinus lifts, first thing Monday!”

-Erin W. (RDA) – Pleasant Hill, CA

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Albuquerque, NM – August 25-26th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Henry Pond


“I was thoroughly impressed with the course information and presentation. Dr. Pond was very entertaining and the knowledge I gained will help add value to my practice. This course exceeded my expectations!”

-Dr. B. Haggerty – Albuquerque, NM


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El Dorado Hills, CA – August 18-19th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“This is the best hands on course I’ve had. The system is super easy to use. I feel very confident to start placing implants on my patients. Thank you IBS of America!”

-Dr. F. Yasmeen – Sacramento, CA


“The course was terrific! I learned so much more than I might have because of all the hands-on training.”

-Dr. J. Williams – Sacramento, CA



Sedona, AZ – July 28-29th, 2017 

Course Speaker: Dr. Jeff Snitzer


“I thought every part of the course was informative and gave me a lot more confidence. I can’t think of changes. Thank you so much!”

-Dr. S. William – Safford, AZ


“It was a great course with constant hands-on exercises. Highly recommended. After course, I felt confident to place implants”

-Dr. C. Kim – Globe, AZ

IMG_0724.JPG IMG_0718.JPG


Riverside, CA – July 21-22nd, 2017 

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“This is the best 2 day implant course I’ve ever been to! No dull moment. Everything was covered very well from simple implant placement, single unit, all the way to sinus grafting and lift. I feel more comfortable and confident now and ready to do my very fist sinus lift. Dr. Berg is very informative and is a great speaker. He explains everything very well.”

-Dr. L. Diaz – Aliso Viejo, CA

IMG_0614  IMG_0611

El Dorado Hills, CA – June 9-10th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“This course was excellent for giving a hands-on evaluation of an implant system different than my previous experience. It challenged me to practice techniques previously I shied away from. I feel it has expanded my skills and comfort zone.”

-Dr. J. Jones – Auburn, CA


“I learned a lot at this course. I am not a big fan of most CE courses as they are too science heavy, and not much clinically. This course was fantastic with placement of 15 implants in different situations. I got a lot more confident with implants.” 

-Dr. A. Topham


“One of the best courses I have ever taken! Very detailed and hands-on. Definitely recommend if you want to place implants immediately.”

-Dr. G. Kandola

IMG_0379  IMG_0371

Denver, CO – June 2-3rd, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Tim Bizga


“It is a breath of fresh air to see an implant system as well “integrated” as IBS. Everything is designed to work together to accomplish multiple tasks. It’s as if it was designed by an engineer not a dentist, or a combination of both mostly wearing his engineer hat.”

-Dr. C. Sommer – Colorado Springs, CO


“Dr. Tim’s course was concise and full of useful clinical info. Made note of several gems that will fit into my practice. The implant system is simple, but covers many aspects of placement and restoration. Highly recommend this course and or Tim’s approach to teaching”

-Dr. R. Ito – Denver, CO


“This was definitely one of the most practical courses I’ve ever taken! My goal was to learn and feel more comfortable with placing implants and I definitely achieved that.”

-Dr. E. Noor – Broomfield, CO

IMG_0327   IMG_0352  IMG_0348


St. George, UT – May 19-20th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Hank Pond


“I am very intrigued with the new system and options available. It is refreshing to see an implant system simplifying all the steps from drill sequence to restoration.”

-Dr. B. Curtis – St. George, UT


“This course was very hands-on, it provides a refreshing approach to sinus lifts and I see it being a very valuable tool in my practice.”

Dr. T. Utley – St. George, UT


“Very organized and allowed for adequate practice with the kit to be familiar with the protocol of the system. Good organized kit!”

Dr. R. Andrus – St. George, UT

IMG_0103 IMG_0113 IMG_0117

San Diego, CA – May 12-13th, 2017 

Course Speaker: Dr. Tim Bizga


“This was a very interactive, fun, and relevant course. I’ll highly recommend this implant system- it just makes sense! Thank you.”

-Dr. D. Ventresca – Santa Rosa, CA


“Great Seminar! I loved the hands on. Made the course so worthwhile. Dr. B is an awesome speaker! The lab tech is awesome also, very informative and so if Chris.”

-Dr. R. Hernández – San Diego, CA


“Is an impressive course. Highly recommended and conducted by experts on the field. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.”

-Dr. J. Sosa – Carlsbad, CA

IMG_0058 IMG_0053

Cleveland, OH – May 11-12th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Mark Iacobelli

“Excellent course for hands-on training, we placed 14+ implants in 2 days. Loved the small group experience and learned a lot. Would be a great course for any dentist who wants to increase their confidence with implants. The IBS implant system is truly remarkable and the fins grab better than any other implant I have ever used!”

-Dr. A. Bizga


“Learned the clinical skills to implement this new technology in my office. Very positive teaching environment!” 

-Dr. C. Ruszkowski – Cleveland, OH


Phoenix, AZ – May 5-6th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“Awesome class. Learned so many techniques/procedures from this 2-day course. Definitely worth it and 100% recommended to other dentist. Have not placed am implant, but I am quite confident after this course!”

-Dr. T. Truong – Phoenix, AZ


“This implant course is the bomb. Take it, you will be placing implants in not time. If you are already placing implants, your speed will double and your patients will thank you!”


IMG_0022       IMG_0039

El Dorado Hills, CA – April 28-29th, 2017 

Course Speaker: Dr. Hank Pond


“If you’re not placing implants because of fear, cost, or liability, then you need to take IBS implant course now. Dr. Pond will teach you the revolutionary methods to successfully place implants that will benefit your patients immediately!”

-Dr. L. Cao – Orangevale, CA


“This course was great for a clinician new to implants, as well as an experienced clinician. Dr. Pond is an excellent presenter and instructor. This system is one that every clinician placing implants should know about!”

-Dr. M. Miyasaki – Sacramento, CA


“If you ever thought about placing implants, or if you already place implants, don’t walk, RUN to this course! You’ll be glad you did!”

-Dr. J. Hastings – Placerville, CA


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Plantation, FL – April 28-29th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Jeff Snitzer

“If you are considering to start placing implants and thinking about purchasing a surgical kit, I would recommend to you to attend Dr. Snitzer’s seminar before making any decisions. He is very informative and engaging. His high energy level is contagious and will boost your confidence. He is devoted and committed to share his knowledge and experience with his colleagues which will benefit you and your patients. I enjoyed his presentation immensely and learned a lot about the new techniques and innovations.” 

-Dr. S. Fadavi – Sunrise, FL


Salt Lake City, UT –  April 7-8th, 2017 

Course Speaker: Dr. Jeff Snitzer


“I am fairly new to implant placement. This is the best and most worthwhile CE course I have ever taken. Very hands-on and enjoyed the whole class. The product is innovative and very easy to use. I would never have considered sinus lift prior to this course. Thank you!” 

– Dr. K. Winkle  –  Salt Lake City, UT


“If there is an implant course that you are looking for that will be informative, innovative, with lots of hands-on training AND professionally enjoyable… THIS IS IT! Dr. Snitzer was exceptional in his presentation and personal knowledge of this system. Clinically, he can relate to our situations we run into everyday. Well worth the time spent! Highly recommend!”

-Dr. S. Durant  –  Salt Lake City, UT


“Hands down, best implant course I have ever taken. Within 20 minutes of the course starting, I was placing implants on models. This course was 80% hands on and 20% lecture. The things I learned today will allow me to start implementing in my office this Monday. Thank you!”

– Dr. K. Norris  –  Salt Lake City, UT

IMG_1990                                              IMG_1988

Anaheim, CA – March 30-31st, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Tim Bizga


“This course has been incredibly helpful and enabled me to feel prepared to place implants! Thank you.”

– Dr. M. Le – Yorba Linda, CA


“Seminar was Great! Learned about, and see the value in IBS. Will be referring dentist to IBS. Cutting edge technology. Great Speakers. Look forward to seeing IBS at another seminar. Thank you!”

– Bridget P.  –  Anaheim, CA (Dental Consultant)


“It was a great course, cleared up a lot of questions and doubts, very very educational. Eye Opener!!”

– Anonymous doctor  –  Anaheim, CA











Detroit, MI – March 24-25th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Mark Iacobelli


“Enjoyed learning about innovative approaches for implant placement. Great instructor – Dr. Iacobelli was very informative and wonderfully interactive. Loved all the hands-on! Thank you.”

– Dr. R. Mastis  –  St. Clair Shores, MI


“Hands on course is excellent!! Reinforces the lecture. Very exciting technology, learned a lot.”

– Dr. G. Mosio – Grosse Pointe, MI


Oklahoma City, OK – March 9-10th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Hank Pond


“Great course. Learned many concepts of impressive implant system founded on sound principles. Check out the Bone Bending concepts!”

– Dr. J. Dewhurst  –  Perry, OK

IMG_1800                            IMG_1795

Phoenix, AZ – February 23-24th, 2017

Course Speaker: Dr. Geoffrey Berg


“A special invite to learn and expand your delivery capabilities to your clientele. This class simplifies the learning curve that will be immediately useful upon returning to your office, and offering in-house start to finish without referring the patient out. Consider, then come and learn!”

– Dr. R. Turley  –  Mesa, AZ


“Very informative, I have a better understanding of implants, placement, sinus lifts. As well as feeling more comfortable and confident speaking to patients about implant procedures. Thank you!”

– Anonymous doctor –  Phoenix, AZ








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