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Platform Switching

IBSI Restorative Plateform Switching 0Each diameter implant has 72 standard straight and 24 angled abutment choices – That’s approximately 100 variations to choose from, all within the standard, non-custom, price range. This tremendous platform flexibility gives restorative confidence without ever going the custom abutment route. When choosing abutment sizes, most implants are matched with the same abutment diameter. But isn’t it nice to know that when you need an exceptional abutment, you have the full compliment of sizes to choose from.


Standard abutment choices:

IBSI Restorative pair abutments 0

IBSI Restorative angled abutments 0

IBSI Restorative screw retained abutments 0

IBSI Restorative burnout abutments 0

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