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IBSI Instrument cluster 2



We are working hard to improve the status quo of dental implantology. Some advancement are so dramatic they seem magical. We have made these kinds of advancements.

Star shaped osteotomes, single drilling osteotomy preparation, and a bone density testing instrument are all new innovations. Plus the proven safety helps of traditional depth stops. The instrumentation is a blend of proven traditional instruments and revolutionary new designs.

 Introducing the Magic Surgical Series.





Bone Density Testing & Ridge Preparation

(used at time of placement to validate bone density)

Magic SplitIBSI Dentisty mark 0This instrument is used in the first step of our surgical protocol.  It may be used flapless and with gentle tapping the bone density can be verified.  After verifying the quality of the bone the clinical pathway is determined; whether to proceed with soft bone protocols with bone expansion or to use drilling.  In narrow ridges this instrument can also be used to begin the bone expansion and bending process.


Magic Expanders 

(used in the proprietary B.E.B. protocol)

IBSI Magic expanders 0These brilliantly imagined star shaped instruments replace the traditional osteotomes. IBSI Star shape 0Implantologists familiar with the round shaped bone expanders or “osteotomes” will appreciate the improved engineering that enables them to expand bone far beyond their traditional experience.


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Magic Drills

(used in the proprietary P.B.R. protocol)

IBSI Magic Drills 0One drill/place implant protocol! The drills create the osteotomy site while IBSI bone core 0preserving a bone core that can be used for grafting. The drills use a simple single drill site preparation protocol:  Choose location with marking drill, perform angle and depth with one drill insertion, harvest bone, clear the floor of the site and place the implant.

Mark, drill, place; a new definition of simple.



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Sinus lifter

(used in the proprietary C.N.C. protocol)

IBSI Magic sinus lifter 0The sinus lift instruments are another original patented design that are used in tandem with the IBSI Sinus lifter 0Magic drills and Magic Expanders. They are part of a long legacy of thought leadership and patented designs. The tip of the lifter is engineered to create shear forces to fracture the bone in prescribed directions creating a wide circular break that when pressed distributes equal stretching forces lifting the membrane in a smooth round dome.  The bone pusher is then used to help lift the membrane and force grafting materials into the domed area.


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Listing of instruments from [see catalog pages 68-70]

  • Magic Split
  • Magic Expander
  • Magic Sinus Lifter
  • Bone Pusher
  • 1.6 Guide Drill
  • Magic Marking Drill
  • Magic Short Drill
  • 2.8 Magic Drill
  • Magic Drills 3.3, 3.8, 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.8, 6.3
  • Magic Depth Drill
  • Drill Extension
  • Drill Safety Stops
  • Hand-Piece Hex driver 1.2 mm (Long and Short)
  • Wrench Hex Driver 1.2 mm (Long and Short)
  • Wrench Hex Driver 1.2 mm Ultra Short
  • Torque Ratchet
  • Angled Hand Lever
  • IBS Mallet
  • IBS Spoon Excavator




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