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Leadership Opportunities

We have many opportunities to become involved.

For dentists who are new to implants, the path start with becoming experienced in dental implants. We will help you map out a path to credentialing.

Also note – If you have a complimentary area of expertise we can immediately get you involved in the speakers bureau and begin your journey to speaking at events.

Become a Mentor –

We are gathering talented and experienced dentists and creating a network of new implant dentists who depend upon the mentor’s expertise and peer to peer guidance. Mentors also receive referrals for advanced cases from members of their mentor collaboration group.

Become a Trainer –

Trainers speak at our courses and workshops. Trainers may deliver part of the course and may speak on a variety of topics. Over time the trainers can become part of the speakers bureau and become the dedicated speaker at courses.

Become a Speaker –

Speakers travel to deliver courses and they speak at our national events. Speakers are visible thought leaders that we depend upon to share the message and culture of our movement.

Become an Advisor –

We have an advisory committee and sub-committees which help to build our curriculum, design our instrumentation and help in steering the direction of our breaking the status quo movement.

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