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From A-Z our curriculum provides everything needed for implant success

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Course Descriptions

The series starts with our Implant Placement…  designed for all skill levels.

  • Two Day Introduction to Implant Placement

This is our premiere course that starts the implant series. The course is appropriate for beginners and also all implant skill levels. Extensive hands on workshop provides experience with the Magic surgical series, placing implants, doing sinus bumps and sinus lifts.

  • One Day Advanced Bone Bending and Sinus Implant Placement

  • Team Training

Tips for the whole team. Offices that go through the training dramatically increase patient acceptance of implant treatments.

  • Restorative

Learn all aspects of implant restoration and best practices for lab communications. From traditional standard restorations to digital workflows, this covers it all.

  • Advanced Implant Bone Grafting & Sinus Lifts

Lecture and hands-on. Learn by doing bone grafts and sinus bumps and sinus lifts.

  • Implant Complications

This popular course covers the broad array of complications and how to resolve them.