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New Support

New support, means a safe collaborative path to implant dentistry. If you are new to implants or implant  placement, this is for you.

New support also means professional development, leadership and peer mentoring opportunities. If you are an experienced implant dentist or specialist, this is for you.

  • Courses to help with (linked to more details):
    • Clinical skills
    • Case selection and planning
    • Team/Assistant training
    • Restorative concepts
    • Advanced implant topics
    • Implant complications
    • Helping patients choose implants
  • Mentoring:
    • In office
    • Tele-support
    • At mentor’s office
  • Professional Development
    • Credential development
    • Co-mentoring get on the path to becoming a mentor
    • Speaker development
  • Speaking & Publishing

Dentists of all skill levels, we have new support opportunities for you.

So, why do so few general dentists place implants?

We think the answer to that question is clear. Because of little or no support, not placing implants is the status quo. We think it is because the industry ignored the general dentists. This left general dentists vulnerable and alone. And nothing is scarier than doing new procedures while worrying that nobody has your back. If you need help or guidance or something goes wrong who can you turn to?

We want to change things for general dentists with a mentoring network and course curriculum designed around the realities of a general dentist’s office.


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