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About Us

We formed this company from a vision which we developed over many years. Patients are losing teeth at a faster rate than the U.S.’s dental capacity for replacing them with implants. We have watched this trend continue unchanged for many years. Now with the aging U.S. population the lack of dental implant service providers has become a critical deficit. We are aware that the U.S. is the only market in the world where the majority of implant services are performed by such a small number of exceptional offices. While there are many opinions as to why the US market evolved into such predicament, our aim is to make implant dentistry a standard, routine service available to all patients and thereby help catch up service offerings with the growing deficit of patient implant treatments. –IBS Implant 5

Our goal is to help provide a solution. Our plan starts with partnerships with selected dental offices and then together we re-envision and grow implant dentistry together, city by city, state by state.
All of our actions, products, services and prices are formed to achieve a new patient centric implantology model. With this publication we are introducing exciting new technical innovations that break the status quo of traditional implant thinking and will help power our new minimally invasive,  patient centric movement.
We invite you to participate with us in laying the foundation of this new movement.

In founding InnoBioSurg of America we decided to make the bold move and create a high purpose company to redefine dental implantology with each patient’s care at the center of our focus. We are building a company that pioneers truly minimally invasive patient treatment from the ground up. We hope to be the catalyst for helping bring implant treatment within reach of all patients. We invite you to join our cause and help to break the status quo of U.S. implantology. Together we can redefine the new standard.
As a partner and customer of IBS Implant your success is our highest priority, please join us at an upcoming retreat or education event where we can share to innovations and create working partnerships.


  • “This is the best hands on course I’ve had. The system is super easy to use. I feel very confident to start placing implants on my patients. Thank you IBS of America!” -Dr. F Yasmeen – Sacramento, CA

  • "A special invite to learn and expand your delivery capabilities to your clientele. This class simplifies the learning curve that will be immediately useful upon returning to your office, and offering in-house start to finish without referring the patient out. Consider, then come and learn!” – Dr. R. Turley  –  Mesa, AZ

  • “I am fairly new to implant placement. This is the best and most worthwhile CE course I have ever taken. Very hands-on and enjoyed the whole class. The product is innovative and very easy to use. I would never have considered sinus lift prior to this course. Thank you!”  – Dr. K. Winkle  –  Salt Lake City, UT

  • “If you’re not placing implants because of fear, cost, or liability, then you need to take IBS implant course now. Dr. Pond will teach you the revolutionary methods to successfully place implants that will benefit your patients immediately!” -Dr. L. Cao – Orangevale, CA

  • "Excellent course for hands-on training, we placed 14+ implants in 2 days. Loved the small group experience and learned a lot. Would be a great course for any dentist who wants to increase their confidence with implants. The IBS implant system is truly remarkable and the fins grab better than any other implant I have ever used!” -Dr. A. Bizga

  • "I am fairly new to implant placement. This is the best and most worthwhile CE course I have ever taken. Very hands-on and enjoyed the whole class. The product is innovative and very easy to use. I would have never considered sinus lifts prior to this course. Thank you!"   

    Dr. Kerry Winkle - Salt Lake City, UT,
  • This revolutionary system makes the surgical and restorative work so easy and predictable. Simply put, the system is magic, the implants threads nearly place themselves.

    Dr. Ryan Jensen,
  • The course was well organized and administered. The implant system is well thought out. There are many innovations that will make this system usable for many years to come.

    Dr. Andrew W. Kelly,
  • I attended this course to stay on the leading edge in patient care and treatment. Great information, treating patients with less invasive procedures (like these) and still have the quality of care and excellent results is the ultimate goal for any practice.

    Dr. Fred Correa,
  • Great Course! Learned simple techniques & I am interested in these new products that enable these techniques.

    Dr. Brian Ralli,

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