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A New Vision

After more that 30 years of implant treatments, they are unquestionably recognized as the best solution for missing teeth.

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Dental Implantology has slowly evolved over the years. For decades the support structure, materials, implants and equipment have made  very slow advances. In some circles people have now conclude “an-implant-is-an-implant-is-an-implant, they all work the same“.  We challenge this status quo thinking with fresh ideas and re-imagined implants that are based on dramatically different thinking. We are accelerating the advancement of implantology with fresh-new solidly engineered concepts.

Our aim is to change this status quo. To give more patients the option of dental implants. To deliver new innovative instruments, protocols and products that set a new standard in patient comfort through – minimally invasive implant dentistry.

To accomplish this aim we re-examined everything about the dental implant industry from training and support, to instrumentation, including implants and thread designs. We then created products and services to fill in the gaps and missing pieces to better serve implant patients and dentists needs. We have expanded the treatment options for patients who wouldn’t qualify for implants based upon the old generation designs. Keep an eye on us, we are the new rising star in implant leadership.

We invite all dentists to see and experience this remarkable solution in person.

Our implants and protocols will be redefining minimally invasive dental implant treatment.

New Technology Innovations:

As we examined the current crop of implant offerings from a new perspective, we found that there is tremendous room for innovation and improvements!

Implant design innovations – Our patented “Fin” thread design creates dramatic stability. We virtually changed the status quo formula around the implant body – we leave 90% bone and then the remaining 10% is a “fin” thread of high strength titanium. This gives the dentist a game changing advantage of bone preservation and initial implant stability. Dentist’s confidence increases by having the very latest in engineering advances on their side.

  • We created bone quality centric curriculum and protocols
  • We engineered the instrumentation for bone quality management
  • We designed surgical kits, restorative kits, osteotome kits and sinus lift kits
  • We reduced the numbers of parts and pieces
  • We improved the implant carrier and the implant packaging
  • We established lab partnerships that will provide digital workflow and guided surgery

These innovations are significant and are many are patented and patent pending.

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New Peer Support:

We didn’t stop with patented technology, we continued the innovations with a unique inclusive support program. We are building expert based training courses and a cooperative support network of mentors who provide surgical assistance and ongoing help.

New implant dentists are not left alone to solo their first implantology treatments.

  • Mentors
  • Courses for new and experienced implant dentists
  • A sequence of additional training courses including, Team Training, Restorative, Advanced Bone & Sinus lift, Implant Complications.  courses
  • Events, retreats and inner circle leadership opportunities

We invite all dentists to come see and experience this remarkable solution at one of our courses. Whether you are new to implant placement or experienced we welcome all to explore this bold new world of IBS implants.

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